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Selling Art Online Tip #5 Keep Your Vision of Success

“I could get into a long debate about what being successful means. But I’m not going to lecture on whether it’s earning loads of money, or being loved etc” states Lilith.

“For me, it’s finding your creative purpose and loving what you do, then doing just that and living a fulfilling life.”

Outside of the machine that the mundane muggles tread every day, there is you and your creativity.

Hold a very clear vision of you already being where you want to be. Allow your mind to wander in and out of it. Never contradict it. See yourself landing that publishing deal, selling all those prints, having a sellout exhibition.

I got knocked down today, proving yet again that I have to be my own emotional support. I felt like bursting into tears and burning all my stupid paintings. It would be too easy to do that. If making it as an artist were easy, they’d all be doing it.

Just remember this though.., you are an artist, you are magical you are unique. Those that push you down are frightened and conditioned and stuck in the machine.

But you see past this. Feel upset for them and hope they pull through it. Don’t get upset, just see yourself living your dream.

Law of Attraction xx


Selling Art Online Tip#3 Create Hashtag Lists for your Phone

Lilith explains here that it’s important to be organised when on the move.

“We all know that blogging and using social media drives traffic to your site. But time sat in front of a laptop 💻 can feel a burden for us Artists, right? It’s like you really want to be painting but you need to set time aside for marketing. ”

Lilith qualifies this with her next tip.

“Set up a list of hashtags in the notes section of your phone. That way, you can simply copy and paste into a quick blog or tweet whilst on the move. This makes use of dead time… sat on a bus, waiting in a queue at the supermarket… or waiting for the ladies when you’re out for few gins!”

You can still schedule your post. You can also post multiple lists. If you spot a tag that’s trending, add it to your list

#artsale #artauction #buyart #buyoriginalart #artmarketing #fineartmarketing


Utilising trends to draw people to your art tip #1

“Think about the keywords in the title of your painting” states Lilith. They should connect with current trends. She doesn’t mean call your newest creation “Brexit Blah”… !

Key themes in the world of interior design are greys, mustards and vintage. Here’s an example. The actual title of this piece is “Satin Red Ribbons and Louboutins”.

But try “Woman in Grey Stockings” as a title and add in the keywords #grey #red #satin #woman #stockings #vintage #louboutins and it will jump in Google SEO

lil x