Should I copy other artists?


We all imitate those we admire. Not because we want to poach their success, but because we want to be like them. Is it not the biggest honour to bestow on another human being?

Vettriano is astounding to me. I love his darker work, how he chooses his models, how he positions them and how he is part of that scene.

2 thoughts on “Should I copy other artists?”

  1. I have copied a few of the masters over the years for the reasons you give, however not just for that but to learn something of their mastery, however after many years of painting I maintain my own style and persona in my work.

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    1. Quite right too! Artists are not there to be someone else, they are there to be their own unique expression. Genres and styles maybe similar, but we are all looking to have the signature. Something about our work…that people come to know and associate with. Lil x

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