An Artists Pain, correlation to creativity

Like the Roses need the rain, like the poet needs the pain. The words of the wonderful Jon Bon Jovi echo from my childhood. I wonder if all of the great artists be they poets. painters, sculptors or theatricals, have to feel emotional discomfort or some kind of pain in order to be creative.

Where do you draw your energy from? Where did those ideas come from. Jack Vettriano’s work is littered with connotations and hidden meanings. It’s not surprise in his relationships were not successful, or is it? Could it be possible that the paintings were born out of those circumstances and he had to endure them in order to gain the inspiration for the next piece. If only I could get to meet him I would ask him these questions. But then as a fellow artist I don’t know if I would want someone to ask me the same thing.

Truth is, I don’t think we always know where our inspiration comes from. And perhaps, it’s simply best not to.

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