Who Are the Best Artists to Invest in This Year

10 of the best artists working today https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/gallery/best-artists-to-invest-in

According to GQ Magazine, some of the best British visual artists to begin to follow, include Dickon Drury (great name) and Clara Drummond. But, quite a lot of the new works in this article are, well, something you would go and see in a gallery. It strikes me however that this makes them accessible to all in terms of being able to see them, bit not so as collectors pieces. You would need a residence of above average size to fit them in.

There are many artists coming through now however, whose visual works are really quite extraordinary

Master Artist Ward, uses the male nude body, to depict different relationships with the natural world. “Carrion” is one of my favourites. He encompasses “both male and female influences without androgyny, believing that the naked male body can be elegant and beautiful, erotic and sexy in ways that are normally reserved for the female form.” (Ward, 2018).

Carrion http://masterartist.co.uk/the-hunt/#&gid=1&pid=1

This resonates with my work. I do like to make you think…and possibly shift in your chair slightly!



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