How to Sell Art in Australia

Well my flowers, 2019 has begun with a bump and a half. I have had some personal issues that have taken my mind away from my art, and then, just as life takes from one hand, it gives to the other. I have sold a painting in Australia.

I thought I would write a few bullet points to help other artists when it comes to selling in a different continent.

  1. Do your background research on carriers. I used DHL for my export as they offered the best support. Weigh your finished artwork in the packaging you intend to use. Measure accurately too. Then get a quote . It will be quite pricey and you must add this to the price of the art you are selling or you will be losing money.
  2. You must create a commercial invoice. I had not heard of this until I had to! DHL expertly take you through the process step by step. Print three copies and hand them to your carrier once booked.
  3. You will also need to print one copy of the Waybill too.
  4. Remember that duty tax must be paid on the import. Mark your invoice as Duty Paid so that you will be charged for the tax. This means your customer will not have their package held up at customs and have to pay the import tax themselves. You can promote this on your website to encourage buyers from oversees. Build the tax cost into your price.
  5. He is now in Australia…I admit to kissing him goodbye and farewell before I wrapped up his form in bubblewrap and cardboard. http://www.artfinder.com/marketing/artwork/spring-welcome/?scheme=dark&user_id=1411808&size=large
spring relief

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