James Bond

Buying art cures the rainy blues

Buying Erotic Art Will Cure Weekend Blues

Lilith Rose Paintings on Display and for Sale

If you are fed up with this cold and wet weather already, head into London (if you can get a train that is!). Come and visit the Erotic Art London Exhibition.


Packed full of wonderful artwork from a variety of artists, there is sure to be something to your taste.

Lilith is selling some favourite pieces framed in her signature vintage frame. She also has prints  and some unframed originals in the Einer Shop too.

If you contact her direct, you can choose the size of print that you like. All are open edition prints printed from the Fine Art Trade Guild Art Sure approved printer Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing https://www.ironbridgeframing.co.uk. They use Hahnemühle 285gsm paper.

Giclee printing is a type of high quality, inkjet printing, designed to give a extra long print life and high quality results. Using archival quality papers, their fine art giclee printing produces the best quality prints. They only superior, specialist printers to ensure the best fine art giclee printing.


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