Should I open an Etsy Shop?

I have been trying something new this weekend…I have been playing with my new Powertex medium and have created some decorative bottles. I wonder if there would be a market for them and if an Etsy shop is the way to go…or Ebay or Amazon?

All the items I make are upcycled. This one below is washable and therefore suitable for spirits. You can fill it yourself, or go to one of those Il Gusto franchise stores.

I’ve made a few more things!



Celebrating International Women’s Day

I have allowed my mind to wander…to new creative endeavours and celebrating the Goddess within. I found this really amazing article by the respected BBC.


Have a read… I can see we are now moving into a time where women get the accolade they deserve for their work. I also see the birth of the men who nurture such women as equals and support them to excel. Gynophilia? So here is some Friday fun…what is the word that describes men who embrace women and celebrate them and support them …almost talking as if they were a female friend? I honestly cannot find the word. Perhaps this is the irony?