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The Sunday Sketchpad – How to try a different artistic style

eZy Watermark_17-02-2019_06-04-35pm

We all get into our own comfort zones don’t we? However, comfort and familiarity are not places where growth occurs. If you want to grow, learn and get better as an artist, you need to be bold and try something new. My work is normally very detailed and precise in nature. This takes time to create a painting in this way. I also rarely paint nudes.

So, I thought I would challenge myself this Sunday and try painting a nude, in watercolour (not oil) and importantly…in 12 minutes and not 12 hours!

What do you think? It turned out alright really and I might list it on Artfinder and see what happens. Be bold, be brief…be gone!


How to protect your oil paintings and make them shine!

For those artists who paint with oils in the traditional way, using linseed oil as a solvent and prepare layer upon layer, I thought I would share a quick post with you about Daler Rowney Damar Varnish.

I used it recently for the first time on this painting. The painting has recently sold on Artfinder. I used the varnish to protect the final painting  and bring back the lustre of the oil colour. I found it enhanced the colours and made the whole piece come to life. I will use it on every piece going forwards.

It can be used to protect paintings temporarily and can be removed with solvent. I liked it so much I left it on.

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How Do I Decide on Artfinder’s New Payment Plans

I sold two pieces of work via Artfinder last month and am finding that I am getting quite a bit on interest through this platform. It is working for me. I have tried a couple of others but there has been no interest so far.

As of last month, Artfinder has changed its terms and conditions. In order to keep the rather high commission rate of 33%, you now have to subscribe to one of their monthly payment packages. I would imagine that a person who is an excellent Mathematician would be able to tell you what your paintings should be on sale for in order to work out which plan is best.

I am certainly pleased that lots of existing artists managed to convince Artfinder to maintain unlimited listings, and a number of other important functions, for existing artists who are on the starter plan. The situation is not so rosy for new artists joining. If you go for the starter plan, you will not pay a monthly fee, but lose 40% of your price. The next plan up costs £4 per month and keeps commission at 33%.

So for me, with my recent drawing that sold for £30 , if I sold it now, I would lose £12 on the starter plan, but £9.90 on the first monthly payment plan option. However, it would have cost me £4 for that month so I actually lose £13.90. Oh, and they then add on their 20% VAT …another £1.98 out of Lilith’s purse. So, starter plan, I lose £12 commission and £2.40 VAT = £14.40 which is £15.60 “profit” (I won’t go into my personal expenses, materials costs, time etc). On the starter plan, I lose £9.90 commission and £1.98 VAT and £4 monthly fee = £15.88 which is £14.12 profit.

If I sold nothing all year, I would be £48 down on the first payment plan. I don’t really see  a great benefit to any of the payment plans for any level of artist.


How to Sell Art in Australia

Well my flowers, 2019 has begun with a bump and a half. I have had some personal issues that have taken my mind away from my art, and then, just as life takes from one hand, it gives to the other. I have sold a painting in Australia.

I thought I would write a few bullet points to help other artists when it comes to selling in a different continent.

  1. Do your background research on carriers. I used DHL for my export as they offered the best support. Weigh your finished artwork in the packaging you intend to use. Measure accurately too. Then get a quote . It will be quite pricey and you must add this to the price of the art you are selling or you will be losing money.
  2. You must create a commercial invoice. I had not heard of this until I had to! DHL expertly take you through the process step by step. Print three copies and hand them to your carrier once booked.
  3. You will also need to print one copy of the Waybill too.
  4. Remember that duty tax must be paid on the import. Mark your invoice as Duty Paid so that you will be charged for the tax. This means your customer will not have their package held up at customs and have to pay the import tax themselves. You can promote this on your website to encourage buyers from oversees. Build the tax cost into your price.
  5. He is now in Australia…I admit to kissing him goodbye and farewell before I wrapped up his form in bubblewrap and cardboard.
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