Why leaflets matter to advertise your art

When you are exhibiting your work, it is key to have your contact details available and examples of your work and a bit of information about yourself.

This works even better if the potential customer can take the material away with them. You see, often someone may see your work but not be ready to buy. If they can take a leaflet then, they may visit your website and contact you. Maybe months later.

So it’s important to get good quality leaflets or flyers.


Report shows women are underrepresented in public art institutions.

Report shows limited progress in representation of women artists in public institutions, whilst commercial galleries still favour men – a-n The Artists Information Company https://www.a-n.co.uk/news/report-shows-limited-progress-in-representation-of-women-artists-in-public-institutions-whilst-commercial-galleries-still-favour-men/#.XRYmXhp4dPU.twitter

Lilith points you to an article here that shows why her work is important. It is scary to think that if the female voice is not being heard in art, then the work that is available for the general public to consume is biased to the male view.

Lilith always represents the story in her painting from the female viewpoint. Unlike Vettriano, Lilith depicts a lone female and it is her story and her empowerment. Unlike Vettriano, Lilith is sharing the woman voice. Her anger, passion, sorrow and power. If you notice, she is always in control.



How to paint wood in oils.

The texture and grain of wood has to be built up in layers. Sometimes though, you can take away oil rather than layering on even more.

It is using this technique that has allowed me to pick out the grain in this painting. I used a dentists tooth pick!! You scratch away the top layer of paint (which you have applied dark over light) and pull out the grain.

Once finished, Rowena will be day on a stool on a beautiful wooden floor.


Rowena Ruler of Ravens

IMG_1216.jpgLilith Rose has now launched the first drawing of one of her new characters. Rowena, Ruler of Ravens. She is a strong an independent woman and appears to all the but the magical, to lead a normal life in the ‘muggle’ world. However, she has special powers and her role is to inspire and support those with magical inclinations. She is a salacious and sensual female and an empowering role model for women.