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Sunday Sketchpad Why Paint Nudes?

The Moral Reason: The human body, when totally naked, is a remarkable design. When clothes are removed, barriers between people come down. Clothing makes a number of statements about who you are, where you have come from, your social class, your values even. It is entirely a human construct. Without clothes, we struggle to make any judgements at all about people. We all become equal.

The Aesthetic Reason: Another reason I paint, is because I enjoy the structures of muscles and bones and how they look when at peak fitness altogether in a body. The balance and poise of a dancer, the tight abdominals of an athlete.

The Desire Reason: I paint that particular body because I desire to have it myself (or look like I have it) or to touch it. So, in a somewhat goddess-like ambition, I create what I want so I can have it.



I have always been a fan of Bond. 007 is the man you really shouldn’t have but can’t stop wanting just the same. He is cool, clever, dedicated to his ‘M’ in the line of service. He commands respect because he is good at what he does. He is not arrogant when his skill set might allow him to be. I expect that is why he always gets the girl. There is always that hope in their eye that they might be the one to tame him. License to Thrill

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The Male Body is Beautiful Too

I always write from the heart and with emotion…I feel compelled today to write about a trend I see where erotic art that depicts the male body is called gay art. Of course, if it depicts intimacy between same sex then it is, and that is correct. But the male body is beautiful all on its own and, as a female I enjoy much of the art that is “gay”. I get a little frustrated by the use of the female form in erotic art as it appears so much. She is the object to be looked at and the male is but a passing figure with little relevance in the painting. I may start to address this with some paintings where the opposite is true, where the female is merely there and not centre stage, and the viewer is drawn to the male.

Let the male be the enticer and the female, a mere circumstance?



Why Women Paint Erotic Art

I used to belong to the Guild of Erotic Art (now disbanded) and there was certainly a high percentage of male members (not in that sense!) who specialised in painting, sculpting, but mostly photographing the nude female form.

Yes, some were highly skilled photographers. There were very few women, and the women that were members, were often models. A case of supply and demand you could say. So why the difference. It is possible that when men paint women, they are painting what they desire to have…and society sees that as acceptable. When women paint erotic works, they can end up being judged on a number of levels. Their sexuality and sex life can be questioned. I am not a feminist, but I do find this yet another example of inequality of the mind. Speaking for myself, I paint feelings and experiences expressed through the genre of erotic art. I paint women I would like to be like, women who I can pretend to be. They are characters in a story and I am the author.

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How to Become an Successful Living Artist

I get a little frustrated when I mention that I am an artist. People meet you and ask “what do you do” (note that they rarely ask “who are you”, which is a discussion for another day). you reply “I am an artist”. You can literally see the cogs of thought turning in their heads

  1. You will struggle to make a living
  2. Artists only get rich when they are dead
  3. Can you paint my dog/house/baby (and I am not prepared to pay more than £50)

So, lets look at all the artists that have ‘made it’.

First we define what ‘making it’ actually is. So, roughly, I would say that we all need money to survive and the more comfortable we want to be, the more money we need to make. So the required earnings are entirely subjective.

The more important point is how we engage with people we do not know, expose them to  our artwork and hope to capture someone that connects with a piece, enough to part with some cash.

Publicity is key. You are selling a brand and therefore you need people to understand your brand, want what it stands for and how it makes them feel to be associated with it. You are selling them a little bit of dream. Artists have to think more like Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur rather than as someone who paints.

  1. Make sure that your brand is consistent, unique, high quality in its production and offers them something they didn’t know they wanted.
  2. Always pay full attention to the marketplace an look at the trends in your area. Nothing stands still.
  3. Be the expert but be humble and always ask for feedback.

I am currently selling original paintings;

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I am also selling high quality prints having secured a great supplier