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About the Artist:

Lilith Rose works from her studio in the UK. She has sold globally and exhibits. She is inspired by Jack Vettriano, Fabian Perez and Edward Hopper.

“I love James Bond. I appreciate the more gritty and deeper psychological aspect that Daniel Craig brought. Moreover, I adore the strong female characters in later films (note films, not movies…I am a very English Rose!)”

That’s Lilith all over really. Thoughtful…maybe too much. Passionate and provocative. A supporter of female empowerment. Her paintings are sassy, and seductive featuring salacious and super powerful females.

She likens herself to the “Female Vettriano” but there is a difference here. “Vettriano paints women for men. The woman seems to be the object and the man is in the position of money and power. In my paintings, the woman is in charge. She is totally in control of every situation. Do not mess with this Goddess!’.

Lilith is a practicing Witch, Pagan and lover of nature. She has volunteered on a number of programmes designed to empower young women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. Lilith is a scientist by training and an artist by nature. “I need to be both in my life”.

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