Report shows limited progress in representation of women artists in public institutions

Report shows limited progress in representation of women artists in public institutions, whilst commercial galleries still favour men – a-n The Artists Information Company https://www.a-n.co.uk/news/report-shows-limited-progress-in-representation-of-women-artists-in-public-institutions-whilst-commercial-galleries-still-favour-men/#.XRYmXhp4dPU.twitter

Lilith points you to an article here that shows why her work is important. It is scary to think that if the female voice is not being heard in art, then the work that is available for the general public to consume is biased to the male view.

Lilith always represents the story in her painting from the female viewpoint. Unlike Vettriano, Lilith depicts a lone female and it is her story and her empowerment. Unlike Vettriano, Lilith is sharing the woman voice. Her anger, passion, sorrow and power. If you notice, she is always in control.



When should an artist try a new style?

Lilith Rose advises on creative stagnation and making sure you capitalise on what is inspiring you at the time.

Art is all about communicating a message. You will have heard of writers block and I am sure as an artist you have experienced artists block. Lilith comments;

“You must always approach your easel with excitement and a clear vision of what you want your piece of art to achieve. If you are not in the mood, it is time to take another route”.

Recently, Lilith has found her gothic and Wiccan interests peaking above the erotic and sensual work she is known for. Musicians are well known to try a different style for a particular album. They have the opportunity to try blues instead of jazz, acoustic instead of electric etc. A visual artist can try different media. Lilith has been drawn more and more to pen and wash and is now working on a piece that uses natural food colouring for her washes. She is incorporating some of her gothic outfits into her work.

Lilith suggests “if a painting starts to bore you, pack it away and move on. I have paintings that I started over ten years ago…one actually is fourteen years old and still not finished!” You can fall back in love with a painting and then complete it. “Or you can break it up and burn it” she adds!

What matters most is that you are creating what inspires you. To your buyers, it can be seen as a special treat if you normally paint landscapes and now you put out a townscape. Lilith comments “a one off piece that is totally different can be seen as far more collectable because it is so different. I am not sure how my buyers would view a painting of an owl when normally they get stockings, but its my gift to them really.”